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Welcome Handcrafted autoharps,  chord bars & quilts
I   built   my   first   autoharp   after   Lois   Attended   a   Bryan   Bowers   concert   with   a   friend.   When   she came home she said “I don’t know what he is doing but I want to do that.” After   some   research   and   a   trip   to   The   Ozark   Folk   Center   for   some   autoharp   workshops,   I found that Bryan was playing diatonic autoharps. I   built   the   first   as   a   two   key   A   and   D   in   1985.   It   is   still   playable   although   Lois   doesn’t   play   it anymore. We recently completed autoharp number two hundred. In   the   1990s   Lois   started   helping   in   the   shop   as   she   still   does.   Also   at   that   time   we   began   to build chord bar sets for replacements. These have proven to be popular. We   are   now   working   on   adding   wild   cherry   to   the   maple   and   walnut   chord   bars   we   currently produce.